Wabi Nabe

Hand Poured Cast Iron
Licensed to ODLCO


This pot is designed for meals served directly from the pot in which they are cooked.

Drawing from Japanese terms for simplicity, roughness, and one-pot cooking, Wabi Nabe features a simple aesthetic and holds 1.5 quarts in volume of whatever you can find. The burnt wood handles embrace the wabi-sabi philosophy and are cast from forms found while hiking sites of recent wildfires in California.

Wabi Nabe highlights the functionality of a cooking pot, and resonates visually as tableware. Cast iron is a perfectly versatile material, appropriately transferring from the oven, stove top, fire, to table. It is a design suitable for cooking small meals or portions of a large one. When several are placed on the table to share, this pot highlights the sociable characteristics of eating.

Process Photos / Press Photos

Previously Exhibited
952 W. Fulton in Chicago, IL

Versus: West Supply x ODL
West Supply Foundry
455 N Artesian
Chicago, IL

photos: ODLCO
photos: ODLCO