Town Stool

Ash, Anodized steel

Stool Armature for Bike Saddles

The seat of this stool is a derivative of the saddle as object. The modern horse saddle is an inspiring object; the first leather bicycle saddles were patterned from these equine roots in 1882. These in turn served as Castiglioni’s muse when he designed Sella for Zanotta in 1957. Town Stool continues this form study in the language of furniture design.

Driven by modern industrial processes: 3D scanning and CNC routing, the seat is as unique as the broken-in leather saddle it is modeled after.

In this prototype, the legs meet a steel bracket, mounting either a custom-made saddle or one of the user's choosing. Bicycle commuters removing their saddle for safe-keeping will find the armature a resourceful resting place, possibly doubling the use of their saddle.

Process Photos

Previously Exhibited
UCR Sweeney Art Gallery
Culver Center for the Arts
Riverside, California