Trade Show Booth

Digital Sketch

Proposal Concept for Paris Trade Show Booth

Given that most everything in the Artecnica inventory has a bright ethereal quality, I tried to preserve that feeling, while including several of the nesting boxes that were part of packaging the contents of the show.

Using Tord Boontje's Until Dawn curtains overhead as a tent-like structure would enclose the space, filtering (presumably bad) warehouse lighting overhead without being oppressive. The curtains will be clipped to a supporting wire frame. The production methods of the curtains lends itself to be used in multiples, unlike some of the more meticuluously hand-made items. The rest of the displayed inventory can be included in single units, thus reducing the amount of overhead product sent to the trade show.

Inside the structure, suspended lighting can be showcased in low wattage along the length of the booth. There should be plenty of overhead space for this, especially if the vertical space is utilized. The included nesting boxes are all aligned by their tops creating a table-height space, and also open storage. These provide (on the open side) a place for storing bags and coats of the those working, as well as a place for promotional materials, and a surface for networking and collecting vendor information.

A panel/tarp with the Artecnica logo separates the next booth, creating some intimacy while commanding the attention of traffic coming from the direction of flow. This rendering is a quick sketch; ideally, the space would benefit from doing a full scale mock up, but has gone unrealized.